Greasing the front trunnions

One of the most important routine maintenance jobs on the Morris Minor is ensuring the front trunnions are properly greased.

According to Morris this should be done every 1,000 miles! Many owners stretch this out a little on the basis Morris were a little over cautious with their greasing schedule. However, if you fail to do this regularly the trunnions will run dry and rapidly wear out. This can cause your front wheel to come off the car, although always at low speed! So it’s extremely important.

The good news is it’s an easy job to do yourself. In theory you don’t even need to jack the car up or remove the front wheels to do it. These cars were built for owners to maintain.

All you need are two things; a grease gun and some grease! I use a Beta grease gun with a G coupler, into which I load a Castrol moly grease cartridge. Any good quality automotive grease is fine. Cartridges are less messy.

Castrol moly grease.

The great thing about using a G coupler on the end of your grease gun is it simply clamps onto the grease nipple, leaving both your hands free for operating the lever. It’s a little extra expense but I personally thing it’s worth it as it makes the job much easier.

Beta grease gun. Cost: £25.

G Coupler (M10). Screws onto the end of your grease gun. Cost: £23.

How to grease the trunnions…

There are four trunnion grease nipples at the front of your car. Please see the photos to help you locate them. There is one upper trunnion and one lower trunnion on each side.

Lower front trunnion grease nipple circled.
G coupler of grease gun attached to upper front trunnion nipple.

I personally prefer to jack my car up to grease them. This takes the load out of them and, I believe, helps the grease get right through them. The top grease nipple becomes easier to get at too as the wheel drops out the way.

Other owners leave their car on the ground and do it. It’s a matter of personal preference. However, due to one of my lower grease nipples pointing towards the wheel I must remove my wheel on the drivers side to grease that trunnion.

My lower driver’s side trunnion grease nipple points towards the wheel, meaning wheel needs to be removed. Image shows G coupler of grease gun attached ready to grease.
  1. Attach the G coupler of the grease gun onto the upper, or lower, trunnion grease nipple.
  2. Operate the lever on the grease gun, giving enough strokes as is necessary to ensure grease is right the way through the trunnion. I find 2-3 strokes is usually plenty.
  3. You will see grease starting to emerge from the trunnion when it’s fully greased. You can use any excess grease that comes out to smear on other bolts/struts in the area to prevent them rusting.
  4. Once that trunnion is done remove the G coupler and repeat this process until all four trunnions are done.

Tip: wear some gloves while doing this job so your hands don’t get covered in grease.

It’s that simple. If you’re unsure on jacking your car and removing your wheel, please refer to my guide on how to replace a snapped wheel stud as it covers this.