Replacing a snapped wheel stud

What do you do if a wheel stud snaps on you though when you’re tightening it back up?

Front wheel, showing one snapped wheel stud (bottom left)

The good news is it’s really easy to fix. The guide below gives easy step-by-step instructions. It’s a good idea to keep a couple of spare wheel studs and nuts in case of issues with them. I personally recommend East Sussex Minors (ESM) for spares due to their excellent customer service.

Please note the following guide applies to Moggies fitted with drum brakes (standard).

Copper grease.
  1. Handbrake on and car in gear. The Minor is rear wheel drive so leaving the car in gear stops it rolling off the jack if your handbrake fails.
  2. Slacken the remaining three wheel nuts using 3/8W wheel brace.
  3. Jack car on chassis leg. Chassis legs are the steel lines that run either side of the engine from the front towards rear. Use piece of hard timber between the jack and chassis leg for cushioning. Then place axle stand with timber cushion as a safety precaution. (Please note: I’m assuming your chassis legs are structurally sound!)
  4. Remove wheel.
  5. Remove brake drum by removing securing screws and gently teasing off with screwdriver if required. It just pulls off.
  6. Use mallet or hammer to knock stud from front to rear. It will simply tap out. 
  7. Apply a little copper grease to new stud and insert from rear of hub. (Note: I use copper grease on all my wheel studs to prevent seizure. This is personal preference and this step can be skipped if you prefer).
  8. Place several washers (I used 10mm) over the stud. (Steps 8-10: see photos below).
  9. Place wheel nut on the stud with the flat side towards hub (i.e. wrong way round) and tighten using 3/8W wheel brace. You will need to hold the hub, or get someone to apply brake pressure, to stop the hub rotating. 
  10. As you tighten the nut the stud will pull through into place.
  11. Once stud is through, remove the nut and washers from it.
  12. You are now ready to refit the drum, securing with the two screws (you may wish to adjust the shoes at this point as well). Basically a reverse of step 5. (You might wish to adjust your brake shoes while you’re at it).
  13. Once drum is on simply refit wheel, place nuts back on the correct way round (flat bit to outside) and tighten. Do not use an air gun, this can result in overtightened nuts and snapped studs!
Step7: Push new stud through from rear.
Step 8/9: Wheel stud packed with washers and nut on wrong way round. This pulls the stud through when tightened.
Step 10: 3/8 Whitworth wheel brace tightening nut.